Zion Evangelistic Ministries     

Mission with a vision - Gospel to all the nations

 Our Ministries
We involve in church ministry activities for the expansion of His kingdom and in the humanitarian activities to show the love of Jesus to the poor and needy.

Church Ministries

  •  Church Planting 
  •  Evangelism
  •  Women Ministry
  •  Youth Ministry
  •  Children Ministry
Humanitarian services 
  • Orphanages and Widow care centers
  • Distribution of books, shoes and Uniforms
  • Educational scholarships
  • Housing project for the Poor,Distribution of house construction material to the need
  • Self Help Groups
  • Food, clothing, pensions and orphanages, Helping the poor agriculturalists
  • Helping poor by giving work and working tools
  • Bore wells
  • Health care    
  • Disaster Relief
  • Nature care