Zion Evangelistic Ministries     

Mission with a vision - Gospel to all the nations

James 1:27 - Religion that God our father accepts as pure and faultless is to look after orphans and widows in their distress. (NIV) 

Our Humanitarian services are based on the God given scriptures from the Bible. The theme of ZEM is to strictly practice His word as written in James 1:27 from the Bible.

ZEM is aimed to promote all aspects of Human development such as physical, social, educational, economical, health advancement and to inspire through moral and spiritual ethical services.

ZEM is committed to look after orphans and widows by establishing orphanages and widows care centers. In addition to this ZEM also strives to help the poor and needy through the variety of social welfare activities that will benefit the common man. 

The aim of ZEM in doing the humanitarian works is to uplift the poor and weak from their oppressed economical situations to a stage where they can be self reliable, self employed, and educated.

our various humanitarian Services listed below  will give you the vivid picture of how ZEM reaches the people

Social Welfare activities:

        We reach the people with the below social welfare projects and programs in their need. 

  • Orphanages and Widow care centers
  • Distribution of books, shoes and Uniforms
  • Educational scholarships
  • Housing project for the Poor,Distribution of house construction material to the need
  • Self Help Groups
  • Food, clothing, pensions and orphanages, Helping the poor agriculturalists
  • Helping poor by giving work and working tools
  • Bore wells

Health care:

             Hospital                       Free Medical Camps                             Awareness Programs

Disaster Relief:


  • Taking effective measures to alleviate suffering, especially by providing emergency relief during Cyclones tsunamis, earthquakes and floods.

Nature care:   

  • Clean and Green    
  • Awareness Programs on nature
All the above mentioned Humanitarian services are rendered to the afflicted and the needy. Disaster relief programs are conducted during the advent of the natural calamities. Awareness programs on nature and health care like AIDS Awareness Programs, other Awareness programs on seasonal deceases are conducted time to time according to our schedule and emergency.

we request you to contribute your donations for the above mentioned humanitarian services which we are doing in India.If you want to donate towards any of the above mentioned humanitarian services,

we request you to

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