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Care for pastors and sermons 

Care for pastors is a program which is much thought over with much prayers and thinking. When I visit pastors who work in the villages and remote areas, i met many of them who hardly get to meet their needs in their family.




I would like to bring to you the actual position of the pastors or missionaries in the villages who set every thing aside and dedicated their life for ministry. As you know Our country India is an agricultural country and almost all the villages consist of farmers or daily wage workers in the paddy fields or the other.

we can find it in the villages that these farmers and daily wage workers come to church. As they press on their lives to live, they can not give much offerings or tithes to their pastors or churches. So the pastor who has to live by the offerings of the church  really finds it difficult to lead his whole family of 3 to 5 members for the whole week. This situation and condition of pastors really make them to worry for their basic needs of their family.

If we really analize this situation and its effects on his work of building the kingdom of God, we can find out the adverse effects of the low financial status of the pastor or the missionary on his ministry. His worries for his financial status really worries his mind and thus always pulls him back from what he wanted to do for God and for His kingdom. Many say quoting the Bible "if we do God's ministry, He will provide everything to His children". Yes i believe in the word of the bible.

But the practical question here is who is gonna help them to give them financial relief. I strongly believe that God does not pour out money from Heaven like that. He uses His people on this world to help His servants. 

So I would like you to be that person who helps them financially to meet their basic needs in their life. If you feel it is true, I beseech you in the name of Christ, come let us help them financially.Let us help them to concentrate more on God and the ministry which God has given them. Let us give them some amount of money as monthly support which really helps them to go a head without worrying for their needs.

If you like to help or sponsor a pastor in a village, please do so by clicking the below link to our donations link.



Following Christ's Custom


Rev. Benjamin Yepuri

Founder & President, Zion Evangelistic Ministries, Vizianagaram, Andra Pradesh,

Our Daily Customs

Nowadays people have their own preferences. Everyone has his or her own lifestyle in daily living. Some start their day with

newspapers. Some start their day with drinking. Every person has his or her own habits that are defined as their customs. I have searched

the Bible by meditating and looking into the life of Jesus. What are His customs? When we look into Scripture we will know Jesus'


Luke 4:16

"And he came to Nazareth, where he had been brought up. And he went to synagogue, as his custom was on the Sabbath day, and

read God's word".

If we observe Scripture closely, we see that the Jews have their distinctive customs. They go to synagogue every Sabbath day. Everybody

must read the law regularly. They have to learn by heart the scriptures. They are to put scriptures on the doorposts of their houses and on

their gates. Everyone is to practise these things. Whether he be old or young, a scholar or unlearned, he has to do according to the scriptures

(Deut 4:7-9).

Here I remind us of how much more important it is for us to read the Bible as Christians, especially as pastors and church leaders. Some

pastors do not even touch the Bible once in a week. Without reading the Bible and meditating God's Word, they go to the pulpit to preach

and teach the God's Word to the flock. God's Word, the Bible, is not an ordinary book like any other. It is spiritual food for our spirit; "

man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. (Luke 4:4 & Matt 4:4). God's Word does not

come from mankind but from God alone. So every Christian leader must read the Word of God and meditate upon it. It will give us strength.

It gives us the correct direction to our path. It comforts our spirit when we are in deep distress and oppressions. Only God's Word will give

us life.

One day a man who was in deep distress determined to commit suicide by laying his head on the railway track. He was walking beside the

track waiting for the train to come when a pamphlet was tossed by the wind to his feet. Surprisingly, it was stuck between them. After he

walked two steps further, he bent down to remove the paper. Inadvertently his eyes fell on the main heading. It read, "Do you know about

one person who has laid down his life for you?" He immediately read the whole pamphlet. Printed there was Matt 11:28, "are you that

labour and heavy laden, and come unto me. I will give you rest." He asked himself, "Who is this?" In thinking this, his mind turned from

committing suicide to investigating the one he read in the pamphlet. At last he found Jesus the Lord. Jesus saved him. He decided to live

for Him. Not only that, he became a channel to lead others to the knowledge of the Living God. God's Word has such great power to change

the lives. Only God's Word can change man's heart. So read God's word every day. Meditate on it so that we can live forever. Be blessed

and be a blessing to the many people around you.

Mark 10:1

"As his custom was, he taught them again".

Many times in His ministry Jesus taught the people about the kingdom of God. He proclaimed the good news to the world,

preached and taught about God and about heaven. This became His custom. Jesus preached i!1 streets, in villages and in

towns. He preached to the crowds. He preached on the mountains. He taught one to one as with the woman at the well.

Reading God's Word, preaching the good news, and teaching God's commandments are all very important. Unless or until we preach the

good news of Jesus, people cannot hear the voice of God. People can neither listen nor know the real God, unless we preach Him to them.

Preaching the gospel is most important in the lives of God's servants and church leaders. In Matt 10: I Jesus called his twelve disciples to

him and gave them authority to drive out demons and to heal the sick people. His instruction is not only for those disciples but also for us.

In Mark 16: 15, He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all the nations". My dear fellow Christian leaders! This

is not a request but a command. "Go preach the good news". Preaching is the custom of Jesus. What is our custom? Do we follow Jesus?

Do we read Scripture like Jesus did? Preach the good news of Jesus to at least to one person a day. This must be our custom.

Acts 17:2-3

"Paul went to synagogue as his custom. He was explaining and proving that the Christ had to suffer and rise from the dead

saying, 'This Jesus whom I proclaim to you, is the Christ.' "

What Jesus said and did the disciples said and did the same. They followed the pattern of Jesus. They preached good news everywhere. In

the same way Paul preached the gospel. Paul, after his encounter with the Almighty, had his eyes opened so that he could see. Some things

like seals fell from his eyes. He was filled with the power of Holy Spirit. He became strong in the Lord. In Acts 9:20, we can see that, " At

once he began to preach Jesus in synagogues." Since then he preached to all Jews and Gentiles. Many were turned from their gods to the

Living God. Dear brothers what is our custom? After we having received Christ into our hearts what are we now doing? Are we preaching

the gospel? Do we have the desire to preach the gospel to anyone? Nowadays many are satisfied with what they have. They think that what

they have is enough for them. Their thinking goes like this: I did so much for God. I can have a living with this church. A hundred believers

are in my church. These are enough for me. I can maintain my family with these people's offerings and tithes. So some Christian

pastors target only one or two hundred believers. But brothers I am reminding you that God wants to bring thousands of people to

Him. "Enough" is not good enough for your ministry. Such attitudes are not good for the spiritual environment. Change yourself.

Come out of that type of situation and mentality. See the whole world with God's eyes. Listen to the people's cry for God with God's3

ears. The man of God must have God's mind and heart, burden for souls, a deep desire to bring people out from the darkness. So

my dear co-workers please cultivate the custom to go to the places where the people are gathered in tents. Do not expect or wait for

the people to come to you but you go first to them. We see this in Jesus' life. He himself went to the places where the people were.

So we must follow the custom of Jesus and the custom shown in the epistles. May God bless you and use you mightily for Him.